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Cuddles || Kye and Angel.



Kye was quick to hug Angel back, rubbing her back for comfort before leaning out of the hug to brush the hair away from her face and wipe his thumb on her cheeks catching the tears. Soon they were running down his face too; silent and sad. They stained the rings of his eyes red, a familiar sight to see on his face nowadays.He listened carefully to every word she spoke. Becoming more upset as she went along; he thought his life was rubbish. Losing family; every person you had close to you must have been awful. Even if Kye didn’t really enjoy his families company he would never wish death on any of them.

The thoughts he stored in the back of his head, the little ones that rarely made a appearance in his main train of thought pooped back. Suicidal thoughts. “No-one loves you, you have no one or nothing to live for.” They shrunk a bit because he couldn’t leave this girl alone in a world like this. “You have me.” he said pulling her into another hug. “You’re not alone. You have me, both of you do.” He spoke quietly and softly. “You’re not a freak, and if you are we’re freaks together.” He chuckled. Kye tucked a piece of stray hair behind Angel ear. “Don’t blame her, don’t blame Sophie.” He continued his voice nearly in a whisper.

Angel looked down for a moment playing with her fingers as she cried a little. Until she heard “You have me.” She looked up to the blonde and letting him continue with what he was saying her tears slowed down a little and leaned against his hand a little as he tucked some of her hair behind her ear. She smiled and laughed a little through her tears with him as he chuckled then sniffled a little, “How can I not blame her, every time I’m close to someone she ruins it.” Her voice croaked as she spoked and looked more to Kye with her underlying sadness in her eyes shining through.

I’ve been living on Lucky Charms,



It’s okay, babe. It is true, don’t put yourself down.

You don’t know that thought.

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Le Brother…. <3 
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I’ve been living on Lucky Charms,



Don’t be silly, you’re a lovely girl, anyone would be lucky to have you?

Again that’s not true. But thank you Ty.

I’ve been living on Lucky Charms,



Haha, I’m sure someone will.

I doubt it…



… do you have a twin too??

N-no, it’s my … men-mental illness…



yeah you did.. you also called me phatetic..

Wh-what? no I would never! I promise! That wasn’t me.

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